Meet our Donors

Meet Shasta County Giving Spirits Ray and Elaine Moyer

Elaine Moyer, and her late husband Ray Moyer, enjoyed a private quite lifestyle, yet they were more than willing to speak up on behalf of the work of the Sisters.

The Moyers celebrated 60 years of marriage and spent 40 of those years in Redding. During that time they contributed an increasing amount of volunteer time with the Mercy Medical Center Redding Guild.

Elaine retired from banking after 41 years, but while still working, a customer encouraged her to volunteer at the hospital. She started in the gift shop, plus assisted in the set up of the car seat rental program for newborns. She also helped the Guild's controller and after the controller became ill, continued that work for nine years. She moved into other areas as needed and after her own cancer surgery, switched to working with patients in the Cancer Treatment Center in a joint effort between the American Cancer Society and the hospital. She says the program provided cancer information, transportation and a list of other assisting community organizations. She especially enjoyed talking to patients, as she said people often didn't feel they could talk to family or others who were emotionally involved.

"The people at the Cancer Center are always kind and compassionate," explains Elaine. "I don't think anybody with cancer in this day and age has to be alone."

Ray retired from a career with the State Board of Equalization as a real estate appraiser in the Division of Intercounty Equalization, which conducts an auditing of county assessor offices. He began volunteering at the Mercy Air Ambulance site, a group of six volunteers at the hanger; they titled themselves "the old man's air force." Ray said it was reminiscent of his Army Air Corps days. The volunteers sorted screws and bolts, vacuumed and polished the aircraft, ran errands and did whatever else they could. After a time, Ray decided he wanted more to do and joined the volunteers in the hospital pharmacy, delivering prescriptions.

The Moyers were first introduced to Mercy Foundation North at the Christmas Tree Fantasy dinner and auction and learned more at subsequent Planned Giving seminars sponsored by the Foundation. The Moyers already had a living trust, but they learned how important it was to keep it reviewed and updated.

"We awakened to the fact that just because you've written a living trust doesn't mean that it's taken care of. There may be many changes in laws and your choices. Plus, by supporting the Foundation, we are also helping ourselves. It was a perfect solution for us," expressed Elaine.

"We chose to support the Sisters' works through a Life Estate Gift to Mercy Medical Center Redding through the Foundation. We felt it was something for which there was a real need, and by providing this support, we are supporting the community."

Although Ray is now passed, his legacy is kept alive through a decision they made together as a couple. The generous gift of their home to Mercy Foundation North is changing lives through the works of the Sisters. We are grateful for Elaine's continued commitment to Mercy Foundation North.


Meet Tehama County Giving Spirits Art and Babette Dowell

While Art and Babette Dowell spent most of their 45 years together in Washington D.C., Babette's roots enticed them to return to Red Bluff to enjoy their "retirement."

In the 1860's, Babette Dowell's family, the Fickerts and the Keerans, arrived in the little town of Red Bluff. The early settlers in Babette's family were merchants who traded in merchandise that arrived here by riverboat. In the first half of the last century, her father, Arthur H. Fickert, continued in the family tradition with his furniture store.

Babette often shared that everyone helped the Sisters of Mercy after their arrival in Red Bluff in 1881. The town had doctors but no hospital and very little in the way of competent nursing. Everyone was happy to see the Sisters arrive and everyone did what they could to help them. As Babette was growing up she experienced many times when her parents joined with their friends to help the Sisters with donations of money, labor and materials.

After high school, Babette went away to college and later moved to Washington D.C. where she married Arthur Dowell, a young patent attorney. The Dowells, along with daughter Barbara, made their home in the Washington D.C. area for 46 years.

In the mid-1980's Art was ready to retire, and he and Babette were ready for a change of pace. Moving to Red Bluff seemed ideal. Since Red Bluff is a town where people were tied to the land, the Dowells were welcomed by many of Babette's lifelong friends when they moved back in 1990. Art and Babette enjoyed being part of the Red Bluff Community and quickly became involved in support of the Sisters and St. Elizabeth Community Hospital.

Art and Babette were married for 45 years when she passed away in 2001. Art has continued with his community involvement and shows no signs of slowing down. He says that he has developed a very special group of friends because of his volunteer work with worthwhile organizations. Art has been a wonderful supporter of St. Elizabeth Community Hospital and Mercy Foundation North by sharing his time and talent as an active fund raiser and by currently serving on the MFN Tehama County Development Council and the St. Elizabeth Community Hospital Advisory Council. He is also a past member of the MFN Board of Trustees,.

Art and Babette always knew that being part of the community means providing financial support when it is needed. In addition to other donations, Art established a Charitable Gift Annuity that benefits Mercy Foundation North as well as his personal financial plan. Art also realizes the true value of philanthropy extends beyond these practical financial aspects of charitable giving. As Art says "it is much more gratifying to donate than to read a balance on a bank statement."

Art has continued the legacy of supporting the Sisters that Babette experienced as a child growing up in Red Bluff. We are grateful to Art for his continued support and involvement with Mercy Foundation North and St Elizabeth Community Hospital. Art will tell you that he is the one who has gained the most from being philanthropic.

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